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Managing the Threat of Thermal Runaway – How Fike Blue Makes the Deployment of an ESS into Populated Areas Possible

Battery fires within energy storage systems (ESS’s) aren’t as rare as one might think. The reason they are often underpublicized and, fortunately, there haven’t been more tragedies is because ESS’s are often installed away from residential or commercial areas. 

However, with the increased efforts in renewable energy production and therefore the exponential deployment of ESS’s, these units will no longer be isolated in remote locations, but rather will soon be found almost everywhere you look as they continue to push further into our suburbs and cities.

During a thermal runaway event, the temperature of a malfunctioning battery cell increases rapidly, which leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of heat generation that propagates into nearby cells and produces extreme fire and even explosion risks.  

Join Mark Kendall, General Manager – Fike, Fire Safety Technology as he discusses the risks and protection methods that have been used to attempt to suppress thermal runaway, as well as the effectiveness of the new cascading thermal runaway suppression system, Fike Blue.

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